My full history of music releases. Click on cover image to connect with itunes or use the players to listen to each album.

All Kinds Of Fine (2017)

A synthesis of piano-driven, groove-laden jazz & chill-out excursions.

A Winter's Walk (2014)

This chilled and atmospheric winter's journey celebrates the beauty and harshness of the season as well as the festive warmth of Christmas. Ten original songs create an evocative winter soundtrack and perfect accompaniment to an evening by the fire.

Wiggle It - FUJALADA (2014)

A dazzling, funk-fuelled extravaganza packed full of stunning musicianship, memorable tunes & a whole lot of fun! Clear some room, make sure there's nothing breakable...cos once this feeling gets a hold of you, you can't be held responsible!

Are You Ready? - FUJALADA (2012)

Fujalada's debut album is packed full of funk grooves with heady solos, catchy hooks and diverse lyrics ranging from romance to plastic surgery.

Utter Karma (2010)

Vibrant jazz, deep funk and hot summer sounds.

Lady Christmas (single, 2010)

Bluesy, soulful tones create a warm backdrop for this festive tale with a twist!

Take The Sidewalk (2006)

An exciting, sophisticated blend of original jazz, groove and chill.

Beyond Relection (2005)

Rupert's debut is an inspirational fusion of jazz piano, cool vibes and funky rhythms.