My full history of music releases. Click on cover image to connect with itunes or use the players to listen to each album.

Suniwahle (2018)

Atmospheric grooves sprinkled with ethnic & African flavours - a great platform for both relaxation & party! Songs & instrumentals that build gradually into uptempo club rhythms or more mellow escapes with jazzy flourishes.

Just Gadding About - Fingers Slim (2018)

Cool bluesy songs & boogie-woogie piano.

All Kinds Of Fine (2017)

A Winter's Walk (2014)

Wiggle It - FUJALADA (2014)

Are You Ready? - FUJALADA (2012)

Utter Karma (2010)

Lady Christmas (single, 2010)

Take The Sidewalk (2006)

Beyond Relection (2005)